History — Polotsk Milk Factory


The unitary production enterprise “Polotsk dairy plant” is located in Polotsk. The structure of the Unitary enterprise “Polotsk dairy plant” includes Miory and Rossony production sites.

The unitary production enterprise "Polotsk dairy plant“ (the reduced Unitary enterprise “Polotsk dairy plant”) is registered in the unified state register of legal entities, has own current and other accounts in organizations of banks, the own stamp, letterheads and the trademark (the certificate No. 391617058 from 4th January, 2018).


Its history Polotsk city dairy plant, now a Unitary enterprise “Polotsk dairy plant”, began in June 1944-immediately after the liberation of Polotsk from the Nazi invaders. The first location of the enterprise was the building of the barrack and the two earth-houses in the area of Zadvinie. All dairy products were produced manually and were intended for the needs of the front and for closed institutions. At that time the incoming milk was no more than 5 tons.

In 1950, a new dairy plant was built in 23 Guards Str. During this period of time the plant received up to 25 tons of milk per day and production was already partially mechanized. The number of employees was 25–30 people.


To meet the growing demand of the population for dairy products in December 1964 a new city dairy plant was put into operation, with a design capacity of 50 tons of milk per shift. By 1976, milk processing per day was 176 tons. The number of employees increased upto 367 people.

Due to the growing population of the cities of Polotsk, Novopolotsk and Polotsk district there was a need for the construction of a more powerful dairy plant. On 30th December, 1987, a new dairy plant was put into operation with a design capacity of processing 550 tons of milk per day.


On 30th December, 1996 by transformation of Polotsk dairy plant the open joint stock company "Polotsk dairy plant“was created. In June 2003 there was a reorganization of the OJSC “Polotsk dairy plant” by joining of JSC “Miory dairy plant” and JSC “Rossony dairy plant” and in November 2004–JSC “Autoenterprise”.

The company did not stand still, every year has expanded the range, introducing new production, new types of products. In 1995 a site for the production of ice cream with a capacity of 2,5 tons of ice cream per shift was put into operation. In the same year, a line for the production of glazed curd cakes was installed and put into operation on the cottage cheese site. Due to the high quality and beautiful packaging glazed curd cakes began to be in great demand among buyers. In 2007 to increase the volume of production and expand the range, a second similar line for the production of glazed curd cakes was installed. In 1996 the mayonnaise production site with the capacity of 1 ton per shift was put into operation. In year 2000 the performance of mayonnaise was 2 tons per shift. In 1998 we mastered the production of rennet semi-hard cheese on the Bulgarian line “DONIDO”. In year 2000 the production of dessert products began on the cottage cheese site. In 1999–2000 reconstruction of the area of milk and dairy products bottling was carried out. The bottling lines into glass bottles were dismantled and filling machines for milk products in plastic film and packaging type “Pure-Pak” were installed.


Polotsk dairy plant, as a zealous owner of the raw material zone, takes care of its suppliers.In 2003, the plant organized a service that is engaged in maintenance, repair of refrigeration and milking equipment on dairy farms of the raw material zone (Polotsk, Miory and Rossony areas). In 2005, the second brigade was organized at the Miory production site.

Technical re-equipment of production required not only significant financial investments, but also the maximum return on each employee of the enterprise. Three investment projects total about three billion rubles provided for partial reconstruction of the compressor, automation of the control system for the production of milk powder and butter, as well as the introduction of a new line of “OLIT-PRO” for the production of traditional cottage cheese.

In the shop of production of milk powder and butter major repairs were carried out with the installation of plastic doors and windows. Cooling towers for recycling water supply of the shop have been completely renewed. Also major repairs with purchase of the new equipment in divisions of microbiological control, physical and chemical control and laboratory of a hardware site of shop of whole-milk production were made. In shop of whole-milk production works on replacement of doors and windows on plastic are conducted.

The company has conducted large-scale energy saving measures since 2000. In 2002 the boiler house conversion to natural gas is completed, in 2003–2004 the conversion of butter and ice cream storage on stand-freon cooling systems was held. The works on optimization of the capacity of the boiler with a replacement boiler DE 16/14 on less powerful DE 10/14 were held. In Miory production site hot water boilers running on local fuels were installed. In 2008 works on isolation of low-temperature storage chamber of butter and curd chamber with use of sandwich panels with polyurethane foam are carried out. Recently, installation work of frequency-controlled drives on technological equipment with high power consumption is actively carried out.

In 2005 the 1st stage of modernization of the milk dryer VRA-4 was implemented. With the installation of fluid bottom, with the purpose of improving its performance, reducing the consumption of fuel and energy resources, improve the quality of the finished product. At the beginning of 2009 the modernization of the second milk dryer VRA-4 with installation of the gas heat generator was finished.

The company improved its transport facilities by joining as a branch of Polotsk automobile company. As a result, the economic effect — the cost of transport decreased by almost 35 %.

Work of all stuff of the Unitary enterprise “Polotsk dairy plant” is directed to satisfaction of increasing demand of consumers of food of the highest quality. Today the company produces a wide range of products, which has more than 70 items in the following main product groups:

  • milk powder;
  • butter;
  • whole milk products, cheese products, glazed curd cakes, ice-cream;
  • mayonnaise.
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