“Mi-Shu!” — Polotsk Milk Factory


Initially, Polotsk dairy plant planned only to redesign the wrapper of glazed curd cakes. However, we understood that this would not be enough. To complete the image was missing the obvious and necessary details — an interesting name. The customers in the reviews mainly used descriptive designs: “curd cake with Panda”, “Panda”, etc. So, already familiar to the audience, the brand character was supposed to appear in the design and name.

A new name “Mi-Shu!”– kind, rhythmic and bright — embodies both the cute image of the Panda and the emotion of the product itself. In addition, the presence of name gives the manufacturer the opportunity to expand the line and produce other products under the same brand, not limited to one position.

The successive nature of the label design allows to keep product recognition on the shelf. But the character has become more modern and got a few touching details: for example, he knows about the universal love for glazed curd cakes with a Panda, and now the logo-heart helps him to reciprocate.

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