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Open joint-stock company “Polotsk Dairy Plant” is one of the most dynamically developing enterprises of the industry, where the latest methods and technologies of milk processing are successfully applied. Thanks to the raw material area of the company, which includes three ecologically clean areas: Polotsk, Miory and Rosson, the output of the plant has high quality indicators. In addition, the products produced under the labels “Safiika”, “Mi-Shu!”, does not contain preservatives, dyes and artificial additives, which is why it is healthy. Following the “healthy” policy, the plant produces products under the trademark “Line of Health”, which possesses therapeutic and prophylactic properties. Milk, kefir, sour cream are enriched with prebiotic complexes, which promote the normalization of the digestive system, and calcium, which is an indispensable component of a healthy organism.

The main activities of the enterprise are the production and sale of dairy products, milk powder and butter. Such products as milk, kefir, butter, sour cream, cream and cottage cheese were awarded the right to label the label “Natural product”.

The company’s products comply with modern technological standards and constantly undergo laboratory control at all stages of production.

Production of dry skim milk is one of the most important activities of the enterprise. To achieve high quality of the product with minimal energy consumption modernized drying plants allow, and modern lines of packing allow to receive milk powder, absolutely safe for the health of the consumer.

Thanks to the clear and well-coordinated work of the technologists, the enterprise produces more and more new products. Thus, the plant purchased and installed a modern high-tech line for the production of aerated products. Through the process of aeration (that is, whipping), dairy products become airy, acquire an easy and gentle consistency.

More than 35 % of all dairy products produced at the plant are in PET bottles. For the production of milk and kefir in PET bottles, only selected high-quality milk is used, and the ultrapasteurization process allows to achieve long storage times while preserving all the useful properties of the product.

Also it is impossible not to mention the products, which can rightly be considered the pride of the plant — cottage cheese glazed curds. Vanillin, cocoa. Bright tastes that can not leave indifferent neither adults nor children.

OJSC “Polotsk Dairy Plant” boasts a wide geography of exports. So, the products of the enterprise have already managed to surprise and please the consumers of the Russian Federation,  Armenia, China, Georgia, Syria, Kazakhstan, Iran, Mongolia, Abkhazia and other countries of the near and far abroad.

High quality of products is confirmed by numerous victories at international exhibitions and competitions.

The products of the trade mark “Dairy expanse” are deservedly popular and popular. For consumers, this brand has long been synonymous with quality, and most importantly natural products. And the business reputation of the combine as a reliable partner promotes active interaction with numerous domestic and foreign enterprises.

We invite you to mutually beneficial and fruitful cooperation!

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